Behind the Scenes ~ TIME Mag Shoot


The above shot is featured in TIME Magazine’s Special 2012 Olympic Issue.

As I’ve watched the Olympics, I soooooooo wish I was there to shoot them!

There is so much planning, preparation, and practice involved in the Olympics.

As an athlete, you you plan… practice… dream…

As a coach, you plan… practice… dream…

As a reporter, you plan… practice… dream…

Here’s the behind the scenes video from the above TIME Magazine photo shoot.

You might not have the same reaction as I do.

After watching that… I wanted to jump in the pool with my camera and a big tarp!

Not happening today… but maybe someday!


Capture Your Kids! Photography 101 Class

Do you have a big fancy camera, but aren’t sure how to get the best from it? 

Did you buy it thinking you’d have great images but are still getting pictures just like from your point and shoot?

Come spend the morning with me next month and learn some of the basic steps to begin taking AMAZING pictures with your fancy camera.  Join me for a fun photography workshop! It’s held at my home, with childcare provided.  The casual, relaxed setting makes it fun for everyone to learn.  Plus your kids are here on site, so we’ll use them for models to practice right here!!

What we’ll discuss:
How to use your Digital SLR camera
Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, and how they all work together
Lighting & how to find the best light
LOTS shooting time with discussion and questions
Tips on how to capture your children’s personalities

Take home:
Mini book with a summary of the basic steps to great pictures
New friendships with other local photography enthusiasts
Confidence to go into the world and be a better photographer

Christmas Card Frenzy – Mini Shoot – Reh Family

This is one of my all time favorite families!

Don’t be jealous.

When you spend 3 years teaching with someone… you can get pretty tight!

I met Terri when I taught her son as a third grader.

The next year, Terri was hired at my school as a first grade teacher.

I finally convinced her two years later to move up to third grade.


Then I left. SAD DAY!

So as an excuse to spend 30 minutes together,

I captured her family in PIXELS!  🙂

Thank you Reh’s for such a great time!

Thank you for being my inspiration for parenting!

Thank you for your love, friendship, and encouragement!

Love you!!