About McPix

My name is Mandy. 

My closest friends would tell you that I’m a chatty, hyperactive, nutcase. 
However, most of the time I’m a deep thinking, shy, observing introvert.

 I work best with a full to do list. 
My mom even gave me the nickname “Last Minute Lucy”.

Exercise is not part of my vocabulary. 
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dr. Pepper Cherry are though.

 When I take the time to stop and count my blessings it makes me weep. 
I am amazed at what God has given me
and wake up every day more thankful than I was the day before.

 My mom is my best friend! 
I can only pray that I will someday grow up to be just like her!

 My husband is my Prince.  I don’t deserve him and I prove that more each day.  He cooks, He cleans, and He deals with my piles.  He’s rational, and has both book smarts and street smarts.  I know, sometimes I hate him, too.

I LOVE to make coffee dates, yet I don’t drink coffee,

Our Heavenly Father is the ULTIMATE artist. 
I have the honor and privilege of capturing
His creativity in PIXELS and I LOVE IT!

I do not believe in coincidences, I believe in God Moments.

I do not believe in luck, I believe is His Love.

While God has blessed me with this gift, I have yet to truly believe it’s real.

I am an artist. 
Photography is my art. 
My grandma is a water color artist. 
My great-aunt is a children’s book author. 
My great-uncle works magic with rocks and gems. 
For years, I’ve tried to find ways to feed my artistic genes…
I finally found that in photography.

Enjoy!  Check back.  Please leave comments, suggestions, and tips.