Senior PIXEL Process

For many parents, Senior Pictures sneak up on them.
It’s really the “first” act of being the parent of a senior.

McPix Photography would like to help parents with Process of Senior PIXELS!!!
Take out your calendar and pens, Moms…
Here’s a timeline for StressLESS Senior PIXELS!

1.  Scheduling ~ at least two weeks out!
Most photographers book session time at least two weeks in advance.
Some won’t book any closer than four weeks in advance.
Summer is a busy time for Photographers …
Not just because of Senior sessions, but Family sessions as well.
Call early in the summer … and have a couple dates ready to go two weeks out.

2. Shooting ~ 1-2 hours of shooting time + travel +
awkward first 10 takes + clothes changes + travel
Due to the nature of Senior sessions …
wardrobe changes … special locations … and extra added props
Senior session take longer than a typical Photo Shoot.
Your photographer should help you plan the time,
but if not, don’t forget to add in the travel time to get to all the locations.
Each Senior is different, so think about your senior…
How many outfits will they choose???
Are they a fast dresser or slow???
Will you need a place to change or are they okay with the car???
This takes extra time as well.

3. Edit ~ at least 7 days ~ could be more, could be less…
Editing time totally depends on your photographer and their style.
McPix Photography will not guarantee any proofs in less than a week.
Sometimes I’m not patient enough and have the time to edit PIXELS right away.
This all depends on …
the number of clients that are in the queue …
the number of PIXELS taken for your session …
and my time (both personal and professional) ~
can’t edit while shooting another client,
or while taking my daughter to the park.

4. Making Choices ~ at least 7 days ~ could be more, could be less…
This one is up to you!  But really, we’re all busy!!
Make sure to have some goals in mine BEFORE you book your session.
Communicate those goals with your photographer.
It will help your photographer have a better idea of what to shoot.
It will also help you once you see the final PIXELS!
At McPix Photography, an average Senior Session yields 100 final images.
That’s a lot to choose from.
Ask yourself the following questions to help you make your choices …
… Who needs to get a gift print (size 8×10 or smaller)???
(Gran’ma, Gran’pa, Aunts, Uncles, the Office Desk, etc.)
… Will you send Wallets with Graduation Announcements???
… Do you want a large Fine Art Piece (11×14 or larger) for your wall???
… In the event that there’s too many favorites (this is LIKELY),
do you want to put them in an album???

5. Yearbook Deadlines ~ Most schools have an October Deadline
So to make sure you’re not surprised or stressed out…
Count your weeks backwards from October …
or whenever your Yearbook Deadline happens to be.
Look on your high school’s website to find out the date of your Yearbook Deadline.

6. Ordering ~ give at least 7 days ~ could be more, could be less…
In today’s market, turn around on photography orders,
tend to be pretty quick.
That’s not true for everyone …
it depends on the lab your photographer uses.

In the end… You should plan at least …
5 weeks out from Yearbook Deadline and that’s pushing it!
Choose a photographer and get that process started NOW!!

If you have any questions or concerns …
Please feel free to call McPix Photography.
303.521.2070 ~

Our Mission is to capture His Majesty’s creativity in PIXELS!