Family Life Photo Session – Dauzvardis Family

This is another one of my favorite families!

Again, don’t be jealous. . .

When you’ve gone through H-E-double hockey sticks and back with someone. . .

You tend to be pretty tight!!

How to sum up my relationship with this family in a short blog post?!?!

That is a challenge.

Let’s see. . .

Jen has been my handy woman,
my teaching assistant, my counselor,
my mentor, and my inspiration!

Time is limited. . .Yet, TIME is what she gives!
We can go for months without talking,
but we pick up right where we left off.

Seriously, this woman is AMAZING!
Stop crying, friend, it’s true!

At some of my deepest, darkest moments,
this woman has pulled me up and dusted me off!
Never once has she judged me.
ONLY encouraged, supported and lifted me up!

I’ve watched her kids grow up. . .seriously, met them at 5 and 3!

They kept me company while I set up my classroom.
Their smiles and laughter helped me make it through to the end of a LONG day!
They kept me company while I graded mountains of papers!
Their conversations and imaginations inspired many many creative lessons for my students!

And Jon. . .knowing him has been the bonus!  🙂

Thank you Dauzvardis’!

Thank you for your friendship, your love, and your encouragement!

Thank you for the honor of capturing your FAMILY LIFE in PIXELS!!