Longmont High Senior 2012 – JJ

I am a teacher at heart.
In the seven years I was in the classroom I saw it all.
I can peg an only child in the grocery store.
I can tell you who is going to be arrested by the age of 15.
I can tell you who the next Steve Jobs will be.
I can tell you who will grow up to do great things.
I can also tell you who doesn’t have a chance without a little intervention.

What’s this got to do with JJ?

In all my years working with kids,
I NEVER met a more polite, gracious, and respectful
young man until I met JJ!!

We hadn’t met until the day of his shoot.

He shook my hand.

He listened to everything I said.

He thanked me! MORE THAN ONCE!

He was so appreciative of our time together.

He shook my hand!!

He thanked me!!


You are a treasure!

You WILL go places!

You WILL do GREAT things!

It was an honor to capture your senior PIXELS!!

God Bless my friend!!