Frozen Feathers – Week 9

Week 9’s themes…

Details; Childhood Toys; Express Yourself


Day 59 – Granny’s Details
This is not a real Rose.  Couldn’t tell until you got up close.
Peach Roses are my favorite!

Day 60 – FoCo Details
One of my favorite places in town.
Played summer ball at these fields.
Took pictures at this park on my wedding day.
MANY family, friend, work, school, picnics here!

Day 62a – Creative Expression #1
At a Women’s Retreat for our church, this was the activity.
We were given a pile of craft junk and told to create something!
AMAZING what was created from those piles of odds and ends.
Kinda the same with God and us.

Day 62b – Creative Expression #3
From the same retreat.

Day 62c – Express Yourself… Excited!
I love my daughter’s facial expressions.
I asked to take pictures of all her facial expressions.
This one is my favorite!!

Day 63 – Childhood Toys
My glow worm.
I actually think this one was my sister’s.
These were some of my favorite toys growing up.
They now hang out in my daughter’s room.


Don’t forget to look around and

find the frozen feathers along your path!