Frozen Feathers Week 8

DISCLAIMER... If you're counting, than you know there are 
not 50 pictures posted for my 365 project.
That's because I haven't taken a picture everyday.
Some days I have taken more than one picture, 
but I'm not getting hung up on the everyday thing...
that's not the point of this project.
Secondly, if you're counting, 
you'll see that I messed up my days and dates.
Don't worry... 
because I know you were loosing sleep over it.
I have created a spreadsheet that 
tells me what date is for which day.  :)

Now onto the next week's wrap up..

Just catchin' up!

Week 8’s themes…

Detail; White; Spirit; Shoes


Day 50 – Ummmm…. Okay!
My daughter is VERY expressive.
Taking a picture of her at any given moment
could fall into the Express Yourself Category.

Day 52 – G Obsession
For some unknown reason, G is Mercedes’ favorite button on this toy.
She plays this song over and over again!

Day 53 – Winter White
Took this while waiting at a stoplight.
It was early in the morning, so it was already almost black and white before I edited it.


Day 54a – White Blanket
Fresh Fallen snow is my favorite.
I’m so glad I finally know how to balance the colors so it’s not blue.

Day 54b – Baby Girl’s FootPrint
While it’s not a shoe, it was made by a shoe, so I thought it would count.
The thing I love about this project is it makes me see the world in a whole new way!
And now I will forever have a record of my daughter’s footprint in the snow!

Day 55a – Jamboree Details
Country… it’s what I love!
I was born a city girl, wishin’ I’da been born a country girl.

Day 55b – Drummer Details
This is one of my long lost brothers.
Seriously, we have the same last name… only he spells his wrong.


Don’t forget to look around and

find the frozen feathers along your path!

Love you, bro!!