Frozen Feathers – Week 7

Catchin’ up!

Week 7’s themes…

My View from Here, Details, Recreate the Masters…


Day43 – Pencil Grip

I took this picture while at dinner with my in-laws.
Yes, that’s my two-year-old using a pencil grip.
Proud Mommy!!
I love that this project has given me a new way to capture the details of her life!

Day44 – Timing is Everything

Wednesday is Date night for my husband and I.
This Wednesday happened to fall on Valentine’s Day
so we treated ourselves to nicer Italian dinner.
After eating Italian, I always crave chocolate… we stopped by a chocolate store.
It was just before closing.  Turns out they have to throw away
and uneaten chocolate covered strawberries.
The manager let us take them home instead.
Timing is EVERYTHING!!

Day 45 – Snuggles
This falls into the “View from Here” & the details category!
I love these two people!!  More than I can ever express or show.

Day 46 – Son of Soccer
Our recreation of the famous “Son of Man” painting.
Can’t take credit for this one… Jim helped put this one together.

Day 47a – My View from Here
While saying good bye to a local hero, this was my view.
I love how God can turn darkness into such beauty!!
Praise Him for His everlasting peace and comfort.

Day 47b – Mommy’s View
Yes, there are two for Day 47.  I just couldn’t make a choice.
And as a teacher and a mother & wife…
It warms my heart to see these two reading together.

Day 48 – Sunday’s View
I love our church!
I love that my daughter loves our church!
We recently moved seats so we’re right at the end of an isle…
Mercedes and I can see WAY better!  🙂


Don’t forget to look around and

find the frozen feathers along your path!