Frozen Feathers Week 4

I’m sorry I’ve been gone… just catching up.

Week 4’s themes…

Tired or Soothing Repetition

or Food or Windows

I don’t know if I blogged about it, but I started using a few different themes.
I had a hard time during week 3 with Macro and Shades of Grey,
so I expanded my assignments choices.
Funny, it’s didn’t make it any easier.  🙂


Day 22 – Soothing Repetition
This one came to me while we work…It is my addiction!
Today I learned that this bolt of white fleece is my BFF!!

Day 23 – Tired
Today’s picture satisfies the first two themes… Tired & Repetition.
These are the books for my grad school classes… which I’m tired of taking… already!
While it’s not soothing… but it is repetition.

Day 24 – missed it!  Oops!
This is where I would normally quit a project and consider it failed.
However, this time, the goal is to FINISH… not be perfect.
So I won’t get a 100%… who cares… as long as I stay above a 70, I’ve passed!!  🙂

Day 25 – FoCo Frozen Feathers
While driving home from work I noticed
the repetition in the windows of the old Northern Hotel.
Today was my first… stop and take it! picture in my hometown…
there WILL be more of these.

Day 26 – Scrapbloggin’
I got word today that the website I use to create my scrapbooks is shutting down!
I’m spending the weekend finishing my latest book… bring on the caffeine!

Day 27 – Computin’
This little computer was given to me by my dad when I was little.
My daughter found it one day while I was working at home.
She now calls it “my ‘puter”.
Warms my heart!!!

Day 28 – Sleepin’
Nuff said!!
I can’t stop taking picture of her!


Don’t forget to look around and

find the frozen feathers along your path!